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With, teachers can save valuable time and effort by relying on its AI-powered capabilities. They can provide essential information, including the grade level, subject area, and desired learning outcomes. The application then employs Generative AI algorithms to produce a variety of engaging and pedagogically sound classwork options. Teachers can also further tailor the generated materials by specifying factors like length, format, and additional parameters. By equipping educators with a wealth of dynamic teaching resources, empowers them to focus on facilitating meaningful learning experiences for their students without the burden of creating activities from scratch.

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Sample Activity:

Activity Parameters
Grade Level:
4th Grade
Addt'l Info:
Work in Teams/Groups
Time to Generate:
20.37 sec
Tokens Used:
Generated Activity
Multiplication Activity for 4th Grade

- Whiteboard
- Markers
- Pencils

Objective: To practice multiplication skills

1. Divide the students into groups of two or three.
2. Each group should have a whiteboard to work on.
3. Give each group a multiplication problem to solve.
4. Give the groups 5 minutes to solve the problem.
5. After the time is up, each group will get a chance to explain how they solved the problem to the class.
6. After all the groups have presented their solution, discuss the different methods used to solve the problem.
7. Repeat the game with different multiplication problems.

Optional: For an extra challenge, encourage the groups to come up with their own multiplication problem to present to the class.